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Sun May 26 20:48:14 EDT 2019

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW - 2019

Call: N4XL
Operator(s): N4XL
Station: N4XL

Class: SO(A)AB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 35.2

 Band  QSOs
  160:    1
   80:   59
   40:  339
   20:  783
   15:   68
   10:   19
Total: 1269  Prefixes = 612  Total Score = 1,865,376

Club: Swamp Fox Contest Group


What a great time! Bands so good even this little station was able to run EU a
bit. Interesting watching the RBN signal strength spots of my station while
calling CQ. Responding station calls tracked right along with the changing
regional signal strength.

It was good to work Bill, N4IQ, and John, W4IX, among others. 

This SO2R stuff still a bit complicated for me. Tried a couple times, but rate
suffered because of unfamiliarity. So, stopped playing with that and ended up
with 98% single radio. Will have to practice with N1MM and on less serious DX
and contest efforts.

I’ll take a hit for accuracy. Besides not being the best CW op around,
especially when tired, I ate something that disagreed with me and that hurt my
concentration for a couple hours. I apologize to those who put up with my poor
erratic operating.

Murphy’s mandatory visit taught me a neat feature of my gaming keyboard. If
you slip up and reach too far above F1 you hit something called a “MR”
button. Never knew what it did. Turns out it lets you quick record your
keystrokes and stores them in a macro. I knew I went too far once on the F1 key
because it felt funny. I looked up at it during the next lull in calls and found
a red light glaring at me from the MR button. Didn’t know that MR was a
recorder, just knew I’d never seen that button lit before so it shouldn’t be
lit then. Decided to push the MR button and see if the light would go out. It
did. A couple minutes later I unknowing learned a second feature. When you push
the MR button to turn off that red light it loads all those keystrokes you made
into the Macro 1 button. I had put “Escape” in the M1 slot. So… a couple
minutes later when I pushed “Escape” to close a window both radios and N1MM
went wild. Changed frequency on both rigs. Changed from CW to USB. Populated
seemingly random text strings in the log instead of call signs – and logged a
dozen or so contacts while doing that. Stations like “eealtoiis52aw…” and
so on.  It also keyed the transmitter and sent those random text strings over
and over again. Had to turn the transmitter off and close N1MM to get it to
stop. Then edit out the log. And since that didn’t happen until a few minutes
after pushing MR the second time I did not connect the MR key with the
weirdness. I thought RF was getting into the keyboard. I repeated that mess
three times before figuring it out. Great fun! Hope I didn’t delete anyone
from the log.

Intended to do the full 36 hours, but a couple things came up and had to help
out the XYL.

Thanks everyone.


TS590SG and TS590S
Bencher Skyhawk @ 50 ft
520 ft Horizontal loop @ 25 ft
Elevated 40/80 vert @ 8 ft
K9AY Loops

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