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Mon May 27 13:17:58 EDT 2019

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW - 2019

Call: W6QU
Operator(s): W8QZA
Station: W8QZA

QTH: San Diego
Operating Time (hrs): 35.5

 Band  QSOs
  160:    1
   80:   30
   40:   53
   20:  249
   15:   55
   10:    9
Total:  397  Prefixes = 249  Total Score = 190,983

Club: Southern California Contest Club



Radio: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts.

  10-15-20 Meters: 3 el Stepp-IR up 32 feet
  40 Meters: 1/4 wave vertical with 3 radials
  40 & 160 Meters: DX-LB trap dipole up 30 feet
  80 Meters: Inverted L with 2 radials

I did somewhat worse than last year, but there was still a lot of activity. This
contest seems to favor eastern Europe, and (as last year) there were openings
into that area on 20M from San Diego all late evening up to 06:30 (near midnight
local), and then to JA and BY to 08:00 (1 AM local), which is most unusual
except for this contest.

As a result, I got only 2 1/2 hrs sleep the first night. So I had to make up for
it with 5 1/2 the second night.

The Inverted L on 80 Meters continues to work well and I had 30 Qs this year on
80 compared to 13 last year.

Best Qs:

160M: My single Q was thanks to K6MR in No. CA for struggling with my feeble
sig, ...just to say I got on the band!

80M: Was able to work 2 JA stations.

40M: Best Q of the contest was CN2CO who came back perfect on one call. What do
those guys have for receiving antennas?!

20M: Lots of Eastern Europe all evening. Best was probably UI2K who I discovered
after the contest was Kaliningrad. 

15M: Only heard one or two very weak European stations.

10M: A few KH6's and Midwest USA. My most unusual Q was KH6LC. I worked him 1/2
hour into the contest and was his No. 1. I don't think in all my years of
contesting I have ever been a station's first Q, and especially an active
contest station like KH6LC!

My DXCC was 60 and WAZ 23.  67 Qs were in Europe compared to 0 to 50 in other
contests. 122 were off continent.  Not much CQing in this contest though I did
get one response on 10 M from KN7NV!

Well, that's it from the world of QRP contesting with modest antennas. LOTS of
fun, always. Now to sit around and wait until the end of Sept and CQ WWDX RTTY.
Guess I'll try watching some TV. Anyone heard anything about this series called
"Game of Thrones"??  ...Ha!

Bill Parker  W6QU - W8QZA

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