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Thu May 30 15:53:26 EDT 2019

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW - 2019

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 18.8

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:    0
   40:  263
   20:  471
   15:  204
   10:   45
Total:  983  Prefixes = 522  Total Score = 1,240,272

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Band conditions the 2 weeks prior to this contest were pretty dreadful. Sporadic
E definitely saved the day both in NA and EU. I only operated about half time,
had some family activities and about a half hour with storm in the area which
cut into time. There were a lot of fun moments and some unexpected amazing

The biggest surprise of all was working all continents (several just at their
edge) on 15 and amazingly 10 meters. Thanks to P33W (4 bands), CN3A (4 bands, in
many hours on 15), CR3DX, YW1K, and WH7V for making it possible. Sunday, I
worked CR6, LZ8, YT7, and IB9 on 10 starting at 1446Z. It is fairly rare to work
Es into EU on 15 or 10 in May, even much more unusual to work Hawaii (WH7V 19Z
Saturday) on 10M Es. There were plenty of NA Es enhanced Q's down to 40M. I had
some great runs Saturday evening 24-0215Z on 40; over half were 4 or 6 pointers.
That was best rate & points/hr ever for me in the WPX CW. 20M was not a very
friendly band, hard to run EU except well into the EU night on 20 when EU
activity was not great except the first 2 hours. 20 opened well to zones 17 and
18 around 0115-0220Z the first night.

Next year, no matter what conditions look like before the contest, I will try
and do a more serious effort. Almost !K Q's in less than 19 hours was totally
unexpected as were the openings on on 15 and 10. Thanks for the Q's and digging
me out when signals were marginal.

73, Jeff

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