[3830] MeQP N8II Single Op HP

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Thu Oct 1 15:41:16 EDT 2020

                    Maine QSO Party - 2020

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 7.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  CW Mults  Ph Mults
  160:    5              4           
   80:   77     47      38         23
   40:   68    217      33         51
   20:   40    187      23         36
   15:    1              1           
Total:  191    451      99        100  Total Score = 141,493



I took off a bit too much time during the day to do really well, but would have
still fallen short of the top 2 places. Not only was it possible to work far
more stations from 5 or 6 land, my station is much smaller running just 200W.

Skip shortened up for about an hour or bit more in the morning most of which I
spent on 20 working distant areas of the 4th call area as well as many 9's never
to be heard again on 20. I took off from 2037-2200Z mainly because it was
difficult to work anyone on 20 and almost as bad on 40 due to the solar storm. I
worked 80/75M a lot from 2300-0029Z trying to build up the mults. A quick check
of 40 at 0030Z revealed remarkably short skip (much shorter than even the best
daytime condx in some directions) which allowed me to have a great run for the
next hour on 40 phone adding mults that were nearly impossible earlier like
CT,PA,NJ,NC, and OH as well as a few 6's and 7's plus many 5's.

The unique ME QP rules that allow anyone to work anyone are not in the spirit of
the format of other QP's. On a normal day, a lot more EU mults would have been
possible. I did work 35 Maine Q's without trying hard to track them down,
especially on 40 SSB. So, the ME turnout was decent.

73, Jeff

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