[3830] CaQP K6T M/SMultCntyExp HP

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Sun Oct 4 20:47:11 EDT 2020

                    California QSO Party - 2020

Call: K6T
Operator(s): W1RH K6TLR
Station: K6T

Class: M/SMultCntyExp HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:    0     28
   20:   67     65
Total:   67     93  Mults = 41  Total Score = 15,867

Club: Mother Lode DX/Contest Club


This was a county line operation at a remote location in the Black Butte
recreation area.  Overnight camping was not allowed due to fire and Covid
issues.  We were given permission (specifically because there were only two of
us) to set up on the county line at a very remote part of the recreation area.
The ranger even measured the distance from our operating location to the county
line - 247 feet on the Tehama side.  Other side was private property.

We only operated for four hours due to technical issues but also due to the
horrible ash and smoke.  I actually had to blow the ash out of the amplifier
when I returned to the home QTH. Between the smoke, ash, near 100 degree
temperature and some K3 issues along with high SWR on 40, this was not a lot of
fun.  The good news was that all signals on 20 were very strong and there was
zero noise.
K3/P3 / ALS-1300 / A3S w/40 meter element.  

I've had it with the fires, smoke, ash, and high heat.  Ready to move back to

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