[3830] CaQP W6ML(W6KC) SO(A)CntyExp HP

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Mon Oct 5 01:15:54 EDT 2020

                    California QSO Party - 2020

Call: W6ML
Operator(s): W6KC
Station: W6ML

Class: SO(A)CntyExp HP
QTH: Mono County
Operating Time (hrs): 21:48

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   210    19
   40:   327     3
   20:   418   123
   15:    82     9
Total:  1037   154  Mults = 56  Total Score = 191,296

Club: Southern California Contest Club


Fortunately, the smoke from the California fires let up on the Wednesday before
CQP so I could launch my wire antennas in the mostly clear blue skies in Mammoth
Lakes, Mono County.  This year again I used dipoles for 40, 20 and 15 plus an
inverted V for 80.  They were all squeezed in at about 60ft between my two
favorite pine trees.

In spite of a couple of Murphy visits (RFI in my logging PC and tripping the
master circuit breaker causing a power outage during a nice CQP run) I achieved
one of my goals in making 1,000 CW QSOs.  I have never made 1,000 CW QSOs in any
contest so it was good to finally tick off a new milestone.

The good participation helped offset missing 10M and most of 15M during the
weekend.  I missed NT and ND for the sweep, but was happy to achieve good
results with a full-time effort minus about two hours for Murphy.  And many
thanks to the NCCC for sponsoring another great CQP!  And also thanks to Hank,
W6SX (we are about one-half mile apart in Mammoth) for helping me with my
antenna planning and sharing the bands during CQP.

K3s, KAT500, AL80B, wire antennas

73,  Jim W6ML (W6KC)

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