[3830] CaQP AC4G SO(A)Fixed LP

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Mon Oct 5 08:49:02 EDT 2020

                    California QSO Party - 2020

Call: AC4G
Operator(s): AC4G
Station: AC4G

Class: SO(A)Fixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 15 1/2

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   32      4
   40:   69     26
   20:  110     91
   15:   12      1
Total:  223    122  Mults = 53  Total Score = 48,389

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Most of my effort was search and pounce, but lots of activity due to the number
of CA stations operating.  Was able to work a few CA on 15m CW/SSB for a short
opening Sunday afternoon as I checked the bands many times to find any openings
on 10m/15m.  Wish I had stayed awake operating later Saturday night to get a few
more 80m QSOs in the log.  Did not hear any 160m CA stations in the time I was
awake Saturday night.  Nothing on 160m Sunday morning.  I ran LOW power category
and sometimes had to call many times since I was not able to overcome the high
power gurus. Lacked 5 stations from having a clean county sweep.  I am hoping to
make more of an effort in coming years.  Thanks CA folks for hosting this party
and all of the QSOs - this was fun, but might have been better if  propagation
had been there on high bands.

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