[3830] CWopsT W2NRA Single Op HP

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Thu Oct 8 00:44:15 EDT 2020

                    CWops Mini-CWT Test - 0300Z Oct 8

Call: W2NRA
Operator(s): W2NRA
Station: W2NRA

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 1:00

 Band  QSOs
  160:   1
   80:  63
   40:   4
Total:  68  Mults = 67  Total Score = 4,556



Got off to a good start in the first half hour on 80m. QSOs slowed so I decided
to check 160m, to early only one CWOP there. Worked him then on to 40m and
here's the stupid part, I didn't change to my 40m antenna. NO wonder I got no
QSOs on 40m with my 160m antenna. So I went back to 80m and with difficulty
managed a few there still on my 160m antenna. With 5 minutes to go I realized my
mistake and managed 7 more Qs in the last 5 minutes on 80m. I spent a total of
25 minutes on the wrong antenna.  Then, when the hour was up, I saw that 160m
had a whole bunch of Ops spotted and I missed it. I did have one dup, my fault
and I hate that. Sorry Carl K2YR.  But you know what?  I still had fun.

Thanks for the Qs. 73 Art W2NRA 1955

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