[3830] 432FallSprnt W9KXI Single Op HP

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Thu Oct 8 09:48:54 EDT 2020

                    432 MHz Fall Sprint - 2020

Call: W9KXI
Operator(s): W9KXI
Station: W9KXI

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 2

Total:  QSOs = 2  Mults = 2  Total Score = 4

Club: Mt Airy VHF Radio Club


Very POOR conditions here. ~600 watts to 25 elements

For the first half hour I was exclusively SSB.  After the first half hour, I
switched to CW.  Understanding that conditions were so bad and the hills to my
North, my focus was CT down to South of Philadelphia.  In 1-1/2 hours I worked
just two stations, one in FN22 and one in FN12.  I did copy the CW from both
K1TEO and WZ1V but, in spite of the LNA here, they were just barely copyable. 
For the last 1/2 hour I tried low power FT8 with... no luck.

Originally, the plan was for the full 4 hours.  I "hung it up" after

The only assistance used was the Chat page.  This was used only to see where the
activity was.  No attempt was made to arrange a contact.
The results:
SSB = 1
CW  = 1
FT8 = 0
Best DX: N2SLN/P in FN22 at 65 miles!

On a positive note...there is the possibility I just might get more Q's on 1296
this weekend.

- Al

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