[3830] Makrothen RTTY NR4O SO/Multi Xcvr HP

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Sun Oct 11 12:36:04 EDT 2020

                    Makrothen RTTY Contest - 2020

Call: NR4O
Operator(s): NR4O
Station: NR4O

Class: SO/Multi Xcvr HP
QTH: FM05 - NC
Operating Time (hrs): 18
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
   80:   89
   40:  209
   20:  127
   15:   28
Total:  453  Total Score = 1,997,026

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


I started out doing pretty well in the Friday night session.  I was #5 or #6 on
the online scoreboard when I went to bed.  Saturday and Sunday sessions I seemed
to just keep falling behind on the board ending up #23.  Still this was my best
score in the last 4 years.  Beat my previous best by 100K points.  I needed a
couple more Q's to break the 2M points.  In the last hour, I was getting very
few responses to my CQ's on 20M.  I did work a couple SA stations for good
points on 15M in the last hour.  There was one more that couldn't hear me and
would have put me over the top.  A shout out to my friend and fellow PVRC member
N4GU who just blew past me Sunday morning on the scoreboard.  That beam makes
all the difference vs my wires on 20/15M.  

Thanks for all the Q's and some of the DX stations for hanging in there on the
repeats.  Especially those couple VK stations down under that called me!

73 and happy diddling!,
Eric - NR4O

Flex-6000/SPE 1.3K/TL-922
Inv-L, 80/40/20M Dipoles, 15/20M Loop
N1MM with MMTTY and 2-Tone

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