[3830] PaQP WB8WKQ SOMixed HP

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Sun Oct 11 19:34:53 EDT 2020

                    Pennsylvania QSO Party - 2020

Call: WB8WKQ
Operator(s): WB8WKQ
Station: WB8WKQ

Class: SOMixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:   21     11       
   80:   91     72       
   40:   62    144       
   20:    9              
Total:  183    227      0  Mults = 63  Total Score = 35,658

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Long contest.  Was pleased to get over 400 Q's, but then started to lose a bit
of interest, especially Sunday afternoon.  I think Saturday's prop (from
Michigan) was better than Sunday, although I had a couple hours on Saturday with
a lot of QRN.  May the remnants of the Hurricane?  I could run on Saturday on 40
phone, but not so much on Sunday.  Aside from working a lot of stations, it
seemed I could only hear the "further away" PA guys on Sunday (40 PH).
 Nice to work a few on 160M, especially 160 Phone.  I don't work many QSO guys
on 160 phone, so it was nice to see a few PA stations there.  Last time I played
in this contest (2017) I worked over 500 Q's, so this was a considerable drop. 
I'm not sure why (maybe the operator? hi hi).  Anyway, this is nearly one of the
major QP's, and it's well done.  Not too many mobiles, K8MR was the one I worked
a few times.  I probably should have looked at spots, but I knew I'm not in
competition for an out of state plaque, so just kept trying to maximize Q's for
"The Challenge".  Thanks to all for all the Q's.

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