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Mon Oct 12 09:22:11 EDT 2020

                    Pennsylvania QSO Party - 2020

Call: W3HKK
Operator(s): W3HKK
Station: W3HKK

Class: SOMixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 14.8

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:    8      1        
   80:   62    142        
   40:   21     82        
Total:   91    225     316  Mults = 66  Total Score = 26,730

Club: Mad River Radio Club


This was my first serious effort in the PAQP since    2014 when I  earned my
Clean Sweep plaque at around 1pm Sun then puled the plug.

Good cndx on a day that started off well then  dipped in  midafternoon but
rebounded nicely in the evening. producing  my best rates ( the 0000 hour on 80
ssb and the 0100 hour on 80 cw). Day 2  started Fair but declined dramatically
in the afternoon.

Worked 55 counties Day 1 and 11 on Day 2, missing the Sweep because of Cameron
Co which I never heard.Struggled to the finish line searching for missing

160 was interesting.with 9 Q's total.   80m was the  place to be ( except 
during the mid afternoons.)  40m was spotty  but with good signals from PA.

29% CW  71% ssb.

14.8 hrs OTA

In retrospect I was overconfident on making the Clean Sweep goal and should have
pushed harder on Day 1.  Day 2 was  disappointing  as to both rate and missing
out on Cameron.  Also, despite my best efforts at IDing myself as "in OH
and looking for  PA stations" I was repeatedly called by non-PA stations on
ssb, presumably due to good propagation to those areas.  Id estimate making over
50  qsos on Sun on 80 and 40 ssb,  with LOUD MD-NJ-NY-MA-IL and others that
didnt make it into the  official log. Never had that happen before to such a
OTOH, only ran into   two jammers, both   around the infamous 7200khz frequency.
Of course. 

Made a good 270 Q's on Day 1 due to  more CQs, but just 46 Q's on a full Sunday 
in the S&P mode for the final 12 needed counties. 

My only goal for  the 2020 PAQP was to work all counties. Came up one short. And
the slow second day S&Ping resulted in a final rate of 21 Q's/hr.

Cameron oh Cameron. Where fort art thou?

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