[3830] PaQP N8II SOMixed LP

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Mon Oct 12 15:21:34 EDT 2020

                    Pennsylvania QSO Party - 2020

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: SOMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 13.1

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:   24      2       
   80:   78    209       
   40:   24      5       
   20:   15      4       
   15:    3              
Total:  144    220      0  Mults = 66  Total Score = 35,928

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Score includes 2400 bonus points, 1600 K3MJW and 800 W8XK.

It is pretty difficult to compete in the PA QSO Party with almost no direct skip
F2 propagation on 40M; only K3WJV was briefly loud here on 40 CW. That said if
you had only one band 80/75 would be the best choice. Even in mid day, I could
work most of PA pretty easily; by 2030Z and later, signals were loud for the
most part. I can see a mountain Franklin County from my QTH, pretty close!

The QSO's/runs came pretty easy on 75M. I never could run many on 80 CW until
late Sunday when a few called, and the same guys seemed to hang out on 80 CW. At
times K8MR/M was not readable here on 80/75. I needed about 10 counties when I
started Sunday AM. The last 4 were CLE, BRA, LAW, and MTR all on 75M between
1907 and 2026Z (I took a 45 minute break during that time, too). I never worked
Jefferson (ironic since I live in Jefferson Co, WV), did hear one working
someone else. It was amazing to work 3 stations in Lawrence within 4 QSO's (
N3WH, K8MR/M, and was called by K3LA!) after everyone was buzzing about needing
that county. 

The 40-15M Q's except for that one on 40 were either locals or on backscatter,
some tough work on both ends of the QSO. Thanks to the mobiles & rovers for
some good efforts, but I did not hear all of them for some long stretches. K8MR,
N2CU, K0BAK, and K8RYU all added nicely to my the score. K8RYU/JUN was my first
Q, and I don't think I worked Juniata again. And thanks to all who stopped by
for a QSO, quite a few with serial numbers less than 10. I also worked about
80-85 QSO's in the other QSO parties during the PAQP, a tough juggling act which
cost some Q's. But I think I pushed 75M about as hard as I could. 

73, Jeff N8II

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