[3830] JARTS KB8O Single Op HP

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Sun Oct 18 20:09:52 EDT 2020

                    JARTS WW RTTY Contest - 2020

Call: KB8O
Operator(s): KB8O
Station: KB8O

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 21

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   45    20
   40:  207    57
   20:  470    75
   15:  115    40
   10:    0      
Total:  837   192  Total Score = 426,048

Club: Black River Radio Ops


At the age of 45 years old, my hat is off to 80% of the contacts I made. I was
surprised by the age of most rtty operators. Being that most in my log were over
50 years old I am impressed. I didn't do the full time as I had other things to
do this weekend but no matter what time it was day or night there were plenty of
70 year old operators with killer signals into Ohio from stateside and around
the world. My youngest contact was 27 years old and the oldest was 95 years old.
A fun contest and glad to see the activity from the older crowd !!!

Jay KB8O

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