[3830] IlQP W1WBB Non-IL LP

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Mon Oct 19 19:15:39 EDT 2020

                    Illinois QSO Party - 2020

Call: W1WBB
Operator(s): W1WBB
Station: W1WBB

Class: Non-IL LP
QTH: Rhode Island
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
  160:      3        
   80:     35        
   40:     71        
   20:     60        
Total:    169       0  Mults = 61  Total Score = 20,374

Club: CT RI Contest Group


Wow, a fast and furious ILQP to end the memorable 2020 QP season and inaugural
State QSO Party Challenge!  *LOTS* of IL activity, many multipliers, plenty of
mobiles and portables/rovers including '3-fer' and '4-fer' county liners ... all
packed into a short duration event, "The way a QSO Party should be"!

I decided to keep it simple in the final SQP Challenge event for the year and
just work CW because there were lots of IL stations (and mobiles!) available on
CW.  Good fun as folks worked out 20m, then 40m, then 80m almost like
clockwork...allowed more time for breaks than running Mixed mode (after a busy
effort the day before in NYQP for me).  Had hoped IL stations would use 160m too
in the last hour but very few of them made it.

Thanks to the sponsor and all the IL stations who came out to play -- it was an
excellent way to put a wrap on the 2020 QP season!

73 es C U next year, W1WBB

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