[3830] CWopsT K9ZO Single Op HP

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Thu Oct 22 00:30:12 EDT 2020

                    CWops Mini-CWT Test - 0300Z Oct 22

Call: K9ZO
Operator(s): K9ZO
Station: K9ZO

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: il
Operating Time (hrs): 1

 Band  QSOs
   80:   93
   40:   60
Total:  153  Mults = 134  Total Score = 20,502

Club: Metro DX Club


40 seemed the best at the start. Of course, the SteppIR did not work so used the
inverted vee.  There were more signals and stronger strength than 80 but it
quickly took a dive, but stayed there until 0327Z. Lots of CQing, weak, QSB, and
repeats. 80 was better - Next time use the 80 vertical and stay there the whole
time and put the SAL30 inline too. Missed one CWA guy at 0356Z as he did not
repeat and got covered up.  80 had much better rate and better coverage. Should
have gone there after the first 15 minutes.  We are into late fall propagation
even though it was noisy.

Worked on the 6 meter beam in the afternoon.  The hairpin worked out very well
mechanically, but needs to be longer.  In the end it seemed to match best with
no match - just direct feed to the driven and a bunch of big ferrite beads on
the feedline!  Tomorrow may get to 80 degrees, so it is an outside day for house

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