[3830] CQWW SSB 9A5Y(9A7DX) SO(A)AB HP

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Mon Oct 26 14:10:43 EDT 2020

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB - 2020

Call: 9A5Y
Operator(s): 9A7DX
Station: 9A5Y

Class: SO(A)AB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 43

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  253     9       47
   80: 1015    21       80
   40: 1376    28       93
   20: 1501    36      112
   15: 1202    34      109
   10:  161    15       58
Total: 5508   143      499  Total Score = 5,941,710

Club: Croatian Contest Club



The Plan was to do a semi-serious Multi Single with my TeamMate 9A3LG. But in
Friday afternoon, just few hours before WW he got a phone call from
epidemiologist, who put him in quarantine for next 10 days due to Covid. So
decide to do SO AB effort.
I had no preparation for full time, neither mental or physical but it turned out
pretty fine. I slept and rested way too much, but in return I was fresh and
focused full time. 

I did a mistake and lost too much time attacking Mults. Especially on day 1.
I should just RUN more and do more Qs, at least 1pts Eu. Should take a little
risk and hunt Mults 2nd day or later in day 1. Cold do 500+ Qs more for sure.  
Everything else went great. And the FUN was ON all time.
Work some really nice Qs and felt some fine Runs. 
There was so many highlights. Few double mults from last evening are just some
of them:
KH7M on "closed" 20m deep in night with a desperate click for z31  
HC2AO right after KH7M for z10 
VU2GRM on my CQ on 80m, low in band, where I don't normally go. He call me 15min
before end, give a z22, spot me & generate instant traffic til end.  
Lowlights: just one, lost a NE/SW 40m QQ 1st day and spend all night with only
2dir NW/SE. Which was fixed 2nd day.
Condix ware strange & changeable which was great too. 
Good high band short skip condix give a additional bonus.
15m ware better then 20m, who would expect that ? :)

EQM: Simple SO1R, 
One monobander for each high band, Verticals for Low's and 2x2elQQ for 40m
Two bidirectional Bvg for RX

CQ WW is truly amazing event. 
It was nice to spend my time with you doing this crazy hobby :)
Congrats to betters, especially to Crazy E7DX and other Livescore players.
Be safe and stay on Band's 
See ya 

Vedran, 9A7DX

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