[3830] CWOpen WD6T(@NW6P) HP

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Sat Sep 5 20:07:53 EDT 2020

                    CWops CW Open - 2000Z-2359Z

Call: WD6T
Operator(s): WD6T
Station: NW6P

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Remote Operation

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   40:   69    20
   20:  261   257
   15:    5     5
Total:  335   282  Total Score = 94,470

Club: Northern California Contest Club


Another remote session to NW6P, thanks to W9KKN and NW6P. 

Was doing well for first hour, but as we didn't have time to set up SO2R, wsa
strictly SO1R, which hurt when the 20-40 W. Coast doldrums hit...too early for
good running from here. Also, 15 seemed sparse at the beginning and not worth
spending time for a SO1R station. 

Hourly rates tell the tale: 137/94/53/51

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