[3830] CoQP K8TE SOMixed HP

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Sun Sep 6 00:48:03 EDT 2020

                    Colorado QSO Party - 2020

Call: K8TE
Operator(s): K8TE
Station: K8TE

Class: SOMixed HP
QTH: New Mexico
Operating Time (hrs): 6

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    9      7       
   40:   32     34       
   20:   24     19       
Total:   65     60      0  CW Mults = 20  Ph Mults = 28  Dig Mults = 0  Total Score = 5,520

Club: Albuquerque DX Assn


I could probably use previous soapbox comments for this event too and just
change the event’s name.  Instead, I want to complement those ops who worked
40m and 80/75m to give us nearby ops the possibility of working them.  If this
site allowed it, I could show you a picture of ten spots on the W6RK.com.  All
but one were on 20m.  For upcoming QSO parties, don’t forget the “locals”
who can’t work you on 20m.  The converse is true too.  Don’t forget 20m for
us distant stations.

Once again, despite no predictions of storms, lightning forced me off the air
for a couple of hours.  And with contacts so few and far between, N1MM+ thought
I took off for half the contest!  At least I got caught up on some e-mail while
the computer called CQ.

Murphy showed up again this weekend, beginning with no DSL and therefore
Internet.  Fortunately, Verizon cell service worked as a backup with sufficient
bandwidth for spotting.  I learned an alleged current choke is not happy with a
long period of CQ’ing on 80m.  It’s “interesting” to watch the VSWR
climb so quickly!

Some commented about the missing bonus stations.  The only mention of bonus
points was from rule changes in 2014.  Perhaps there weren’t any bonus
stations this year?  It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of effort put forth
to promote this event.   Making a QSO Party happen takes a lot of effort!  I
appreciate all who do that since that effort gives many of us a lot of fun!  I
noted a lot of the regulars chasing CO stations and had a few conversations with

Once again, N0HJZ/M put on quite an effort!  I wish Rich could have used 40m
more, but from the sound of the pileups on 20m, he may not have had time to do
so before the next county.  I did manage to snag him for four counties on 20m
with amazing signal strength those few times.  Other times, he was just a
whisper in NM.  Thanks to K5ZG for moving bands and modes for me!

Thanks to all for the few contacts I got!  If it’s safe to travel in 2021,
perhaps I’ll try another county expedition adventure?  I had a great time in
2017!  Duplicating that effort could be a big challenge.  73, Bill, K8TE 
K3/KPA1500/Low Dipoles

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