[3830] ARRL Sep VHF K6RO SO 3Band LP

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Mon Sep 14 21:02:16 EDT 2020

                    ARRL September VHF Contest - 2020

Call: K6RO
Operator(s): K6RO
Station: K6RO

Class: SO 3Band LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8:12

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:   60     8
    2:   76     7
  432:   56     7
Total:  192    22  Total Score = 5,346

Club: Southern California Contest Club


Started the contest 4 hours late because of work,and then tried 6m FT8 hoping
that there would be lots of mults to pick off. 6 meters was a bust both
days..One AZ station was all I worked other than the normal local 6-7 grids.
There were times that I saw a new mult on FT8,but maybe only one pass,and they
were gone.
I tried FT4 a few times,but nobody there.
2m and 70cm had the normal guys CQ'ing and looking for fresh meat. I tried to
move each new contact from 2m to 70cm,to 6m. Most guys had no problem moving.
I took off 3 hours Sunday afternoon to play tennis..and again,not sure if I
missed anything.
I had a good lime doing this contest part time. I will wait to see other scores
to see if I missed any openings. This was the first time I tried the September
VHF contest. I am sure I will do it again.

Icom IC9700
Diamond X6000A Vertical on roof...need to raise that a bit.
JK Navassa - 2 elements on 6m at 40 ft.
Heil Pro7's
N1MM on 2 different computers..
I need to get WSJT-X to talk to N1MM ..that would make it easier to merge 3 logs
after the contest,and help with dupe checking.

Thanks for the q's.
Larry K6RO

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