[3830] ARRL Sep VHF N0LD/R Unlimited Rover HP

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Wed Sep 16 05:56:37 EDT 2020

                    ARRL September VHF Contest - 2020

Call: N0LD/R
Operator(s): N0LD KG9DUK W0HGJ
Station: N0LD/R

Class: Unlimited Rover HP
Operating Time (hrs): 25

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:   66    14
    2:   73    19
  222:   24     9
  432:   50    11
  903:   16     4
  1.2:   21     6
  2.3:    1     1
  3.4:    1     1
Total:  252    65  Total Score = 29,232



Due to Covid-19, we decided to stay at home instead of a hotel.  This limited us
to Oklahoma - so we operated from the NE part of OK on Saturday and the SW
portion on Sunday.  We normally operate as part of a rover pack, but one of the
rovers had other plans.  Indeed, the other rover could only operate for a
portion of Saturday.  Initially, we were going to operate CLASSIC with two
people per rover, but due to the changing plans, we decided to operate 3 people
which put us firmly back in UNLIMITED territory. We operated from some unique
hilltops this trip, since it was initially a CLASSIC rover plan.  We truly
enjoyed working people from all over - instead of focusing on rover to rover
activity.  Memorable points were the highway overpass west of EL RENO, OK and Mt
Scott near LAWTON, OK.  Pictures will be available in the ARRL SOAPBOX.

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