[3830] IaQP OM2VL(@OM8A) Out of State HP

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Tue Sep 22 07:43:43 EDT 2020

                    Iowa QSO Party - 2020

Call: OM2VL
Operator(s): OM2VL
Station: OM8A

Class: Out of State HP
QTH: Okoc
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    8              
   40:   16     15       
   20:   36     29       
Total:   60     44      0  Mults = 59  Total Score = 9,676

Club: Slovak Contest Group


4 QSO parties on same weekend means missed some or many QSOs on 
the another 3 QP when I call some station and can't break the USA 
pileup. It happened this weekend many times when  I try contact 
with WA stations. Usually it's take many minutes when I complete the 
QSO and many times it was only never ending calling with no QSO.

  I took part in IA QP several times, but this year was the activity 
so good thanks to RICH N0HJZ who run on SSB many counties and on CW Jon W0ZQ/M,
Pat K0PC/M, Bill WI0WA and Dan KE0TT.

 Thanks a lot for the so many QSOs. Fortunately 20m was open so long and 
mobiles was QRV also here not only on 80/40m.
 I made 59 different counties, some confusion with N1MM+ because counted
multipliers on all bands separately (47CW and 50 SSB mti) but when I am not 
wrong in Rules is that every county count only once.  So I counted my final
score with 59 multipliers. 

Most QSOs with: 
N0HJZ/M 33/33
W0ZQ/M 23/16
K0PC/M 15/15
WI0WA/M 5/5
KE0TT/M 1/1

and 3 QSO with the resident stations: AD0RW, K2DSW, NU0Q.

 73, Laci OM2VL

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