[3830] 144FallSprnt W4NF Single Op LP

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Tue Sep 22 11:30:06 EDT 2020

                    144 MHz Fall Sprint - 2020

Call: W4NF
Operator(s): W4NF
Station: W4NF

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 1:45

Total:  QSOs = 15  Mults = 9  Total Score = 135

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


I worked 7 SSB, 1 CW and 7 FT8 Q's.  Best DX was FN12 on SSB.  I heard a number
of other stations that I just could not complete with.  I think I need a little
more power than 100W and for some reason my IC9100 while operating FT8 starts at
75W and then as I continue operating that mode the power goes down to about 50W.
 The power output is fine on both SSB and CW.  I need to figure that out

Thanks for the Qs and 73, Jack W4NF

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