[3830] CQ WW RTTY K5RZA M/2 HP

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Sun Sep 27 23:19:19 EDT 2020

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY - 2020

Call: K5RZA
Operator(s): K5RZA N5RZ
Station: K5RZA

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 33

 Band  QSOs  State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80:  323       51      27    15
   40:  642       52      54    22
   20:  819       52      58    22
   15:  198       27      29    19
   10:    0        0       0     0
Total: 1982      182     168    78  Total Score = 1,320,380

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club


A laid back XYL/OM operation to check out the station progress at the N5RZ/K5RZA
station. We had a prior commitment scheduled for Sunday, so knew a full time
effort wasn't possible.    Also took time for some sleep and a FB pancake
breakfast Sunday morning.

Condx were generally poor for DX, but plenty of stateside activity to keep us
busy. 80M was very noisy both nights.   The way things are currently set up, it
was not convenient to go to 10M, so we never made it. Watching the spots, don't
think we missed much.   15M was open good to the south. Only a handful of EU's
via scatter, and some Pacific.    Almost all the USA stations on 15M were worked
via scatter, though we had a short skip opening to the East & Northeast for
maybe 45 minutes Sunday morning with a few takers.

Thanks to all for the QSO's!

FLEX 6600 + SPE 2K-FA amp  and  FLEX 6400 + SPE 1.3K-FA amp
15M:  7 el yagi at 90'  rotary
20M:  Bencher Skyhawk at 50' rotary  +  Dipole @ 70' fixed E/W + WX0B
40M:  Four Square  -  Comtek Combiber and 4 full size verticals
80M:  Full size 1/4 wave vertical and Hi-Z 8 circle RX array
N1MM+ Logger/MMTTY    Local RTTY Skimmer Server

73,   Deborah and Gator

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