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Mon Sep 28 09:01:39 EDT 2020

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY - 2020

Call: ON3DI
Operator(s): ON3DI
Station: ON3DI

Class: SOSB20 QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  QSOs  State/Prov  DX  Zones
Total:  66        0      21    4  Total Score = 3,275

Club: Italian Contest Club


Hi everyone

A few weeks ago my friend Stefano, IZ3NVR asked me if I wanted to join the
Italian contest club. No I am not an Italian, but this hobby is not about the
same class country, ... Stefano and I share the same (contest)philosophy. We
like to contest low power, even QRP. So I was and am honoured to be part of that
crew. Was looking forward to this contest and wanted to provide a victory to my
new club. The plan was to do SB 20m QRP was fun during wpx cw.

I knew that I coudln't compare cw to rtty so it was a bit difficult to decide
when I would start. To be safe I started the same hour like during wpx cw, 4utc.
That was obvious to early, heard an Italian station but couldn't work him. To be
sure that my equipment was working well I went to 40m and called CQ. Had some
respons, everything was working well. No have to correct my sentence, equipment
was working well. And then yeah heard only some EA and I stations. So many
stations I couldn't hear or work. ES9C for example... The conditions were so
bad, hour after hour. Heard some nice stations like OD YB, 4L, 5Z4, ... but I
couldn't work them. I was surprised that LY7Z heard me, says enough about the
conditions. Honestly after last year I promised myself that I would quit soon
with these conditions but yeah... What if the conditions suddenly came better
and it was my first contest as an Italian contest club member... So I went to
bed on Saturday with the hope that Sunday would be better but it wasn't...
Around 9UTC I went QRT, contest without any fun...

Hope that CQ WW CW will be better!

But a contest that went wrong can happen as long we are healthy!

Keep it safe!


Pieter ON3DI

5w, vertical

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