[3830] 222FallSprnt N2SLN(@N2SLN/P) Single Op LP

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Wed Sep 30 21:47:06 EDT 2020

                    222 MHz Fall Sprint - 2020

Call: N2SLN
Operator(s): N2SLN
Station: N2SLN/P

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 2.0

Total:  QSOs = 18  Mults = 9  Total Score = 162



Operated portable from a local hilltop 15 minutes from home. Heavy QSB at the
start. Activity was good despite no enhancement, just like the Sept VHF. Most
popular grid was FN20 (5 stations). Overall, the south was the best direction;
many of those stations were loud, including a Delaware station who was 5x7. Best
DX to the west was VE3ZV EN92 (230 mi / 371 km). Best to the east was K1WHS FN43
(248 mi / 398 km). Nothing to the north. Best to the south was the four FM19/29
stations, although I did hear KO4YC FM17 calling someone, which would have been
(335 mi / 539 km). Could only do the first 2 hours due to temporary 12 hrs per
day work schedule. Running 200w into 10-el a few feet above the van roof.

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