[AMPS] Re: Amps Digest V1 #164

Phil Clements philk5pc@connect.net
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 08:00:01 -0500

At 01:28 AM 8/6/97 +0100, you 


>The outside number means very little to me anymore, just whats under the
>hood. Some of the weak links that may still be in the amps not
>professionally converted will be the 800 ma choke.

There are no chokes in Alpha power supplies.

>Power transformer might be to small for 4 kw input.
The power transformer is good for 5900 watts input. (The ones with the 20 amp
filament winding)

>Plate meter out of range.

There are resistors that come with the two-tube kit to make the meter read
2 amps f.s.

>Grid current trip circuit not working properly.

Alpha 77 series amps do not have any grid-trip circuitry...you must be very
A 100 watt exciter can damage a pair of 8877 under certain operating

Phil, K5PC

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