[AMPS] Dentron GLA-1000x update

km1h @ juno.com km1h@juno.com
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 14:07:30 EDT

Skip, also consider including the Amp Supply LA-1000 and the Ameritron
AL-84 in your conversion writeup. All three amps are virtual clones and
it may improve your chances of  an article acceptance. 

Tnx for info on the EL-509. Who is carrying them?  Might keep a lot of
CBers happy also!

73....Carl  KM1H

On Sun, 17 Aug 1997 11:33:29 EDT nospam4me@juno.com (Skip S Isaham)
>Hello to all,
>In the course of helping a past request for the maual and circuit 
>diagram for the Dentron GLA-1000, I've stirred up quite a nice small 
>following of folks with this amplifier in various states of 
>One of my past posts mentioned the lack of replacement sweep tubes at 
>a realistic price, some serious design flaws with the GLA-1000x and 
>that I at one time set about to author an article for QST with the 
>various improvements possible.  Since the amplifier fell out of 
>popularity with amateur community, I never completed the article but 
>did complete the modifications to my own amplifier.
>I have received renewed requests for the "update" information I once 
>wrote, a nice quad set of Svetlana EL-509 sweep tubes which should 
>"retrofit" quite nicely and have two "virgin" GLA-1000B amplifiers in 
>original condition.
>I will once again start the "update mods" and tube retrofit  using one 
>of the two amplifiers with a QST ariticle as the eventual goal.  I 
>would like to throw out a request to have anyone with practical 
>thoughts/ideas for the Dentron GLA-1000x circuit to please offer their 
>opinions and ideas.
>As I update different sections of the amplifier, I'll be posting the 
>various short problems related and would hope to have your thoughts. 
>These would include:
>Better efficiency above 21MHz
>Installation of a standby mode, current cuttoff/reduction circuit.
>Reducing the VHF gain/ parasitic reduction, design of suppressor 
>Conversion from the original 6JE6/6LQ6  to the Svetlana EL-509 
>Any other related issues.
>I have copies avail of the GLA-1000 circuit and the EL-509 information 
>is on the Svetlana web page. I'll try and keep this short and simple. 
>I would hope to minimize any errors before the submission of the 
>article to the ARRL.  Thanks to those who have already offered to help 
>with the project. 
>Skip May   wv6f
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