[AMPS] Splatter

w8jitom@postoffice.worldnet.att.net w8jitom@postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 09:06:32 +0000

> Amen to that,  Carl.  3mA to 10mA of grid current is bad news for a 
> 4CX10000A.   For a pair of 4CX800As, its downtown nutsville.  OTOH, there 
> is no FCC spec. for spurious feculence/splatter INSIDE the ham bands.   
> Rich---

While there is no dB figure given, the rules plainly state 
by-products from modulation should be held to state of the art 
levels. It is also illegal to cause interference or have modulation 
products extend outside of the sub-band authorized.

The FCC used to issue citations for excessive bandwidth, W8LAD (sk) 
Carl was the recipient of several  with his G2DAF style amplifier.

73, Tom W8JI 

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