[AMPS] AC Power Off!

Jim Reid jreid@aloha.net
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 19:19:18 -1000

Well,  for the past several months I have been leaving
everything here in the shack powered up 24 hours
per day.  Two transceivers,  two computers, misc
stuff, except the 87A;  that was powered on only
when the situation seemed to warrant -- save those

However,  have decided,  perhaps I am burning up too
many hours of life on this stuff --FT 1000D,  TS-950SD,
etc.  Some say the proper solution is just to trade in
for new gear every three or four years;  that is when
one lives in a tropical climate.

The argument for leaving computers on all the time are
well known,  so I bought them for awhile.  But, perhaps
it is better in the long run to turn them on once per
day, and then off in the evening or whenever one is

What really convinced me was my wife!!?  She pointed out
that still,  the one only TV set in the living room since
1980,  August (which we bought in Virginia at that time,
moved to Calif., then our here to Kauai) has been on and
off,  probably at least three times per day,  every day
for the past nearly 17 years.  It has never been in for
service (knock on wood) and the trintron picture tube
appears to be as bright as it was years ago!!  
So what did I think I was gaining by leaving all that
stuff in the radio room running 24 hours per day,  every
day of the week,  etc., etc.

Do you guys and gals have any thoughts on this issue.  I know
that commercial gear in labs etc.  is virtually never switched
off,  nor is,  of course stuff in radio and TV stations,  but
not sure that has anything to do with MTBF or gear ultimate
lifetime in our at-home amateur stations.

Anyway, I puzzle about this too much,  I am sure.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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