[AMPS] Amperex 3-500Z's again

Jay Musikar af2c@computer.net
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 20:56:50 -0500

More Info:

I am not sure as to the operating parameters of the 3-500z for L-7, but here
are the way the tubes are run in the L-4B:

CW-Tune:  1900V (no load) ----  1760V @ 560ma (under load)
SSB    :  2600V (no load) ----  2400V @ 800ma (under load)

The Idling Plate Current is as follows for the indicated tubes in a DRAKE L-4B:

Tube                            CW-Tune                 SSB

Amperex 8802/3-500Z             100ma                   160ma
Amperex 8163                    100ma                   160ma
Eimac 3-400Z                    110ma                   170ma
Eimac 3-500Z                    170ma                   260ma


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