[AMPS] Henry K-2000

Aina Husdal/Magnus Pedersen ainahu@stud.ntnu.no
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 18:33:03 -0700


As a newcomer to this reflector i havent seen much of the discussions going son, so maybe my request is a 
duplicate of somebody else's ?!

I am looking for a new (for me) HF-PA, as my old KW-1000 need to be replaced. A local ham is offering me to buy 
his old Henry K-2000. As the salesman he is, he told me that this is the best amplifier you can buy HI.

The amplifier is in good(?) shape, but need a new pair of tubes (8873). Are theese tubes easily available and 
at what prices? Can other tubes be used in this construction? Have seen in an Eimac catalog that theese tubes 
are rated 200W, but my friend told me that the amplifier would easily do 1 KW output...

Maybe somebody can exchange tubes with me, as i have 4-1000A, 4CX1500B, 4X150A and 4CX250B's all brand new. 
(Collected for the homebrew power-amp project that i cant find any time to build HI)

Also he told me that this version has roller-inductor in the output network, so that you can work all the 
HF-bands including WARC. What is the reliability of such a system compared to a switched coil. 

So any comments appreciated...

73 de Magnus, LA4PHA

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