[AMPS] 2K-3 RF deck

Gerald D'Entremont cdent@tenet.edu
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 21:51:04 -0500

	If anyone has a schematic for the RF deck portion of the 2K-3,
I'd be happy to re-imburse copy, postage and soda water expenses.
Got a nice manual copy with what came off the truck today, but schematic
for PS section only.
Does me limited good since this is the one I spoke of last week with the
genesis of a HB
supply in place of the stock pedestal.  Pretty nicely done actually...a
pair of 2000V @ 500ma
xfmrs for the plate(s), ten 1000uf @ 400V caps and four 5kvA rectifier
blocks plus fil. xmfr.
	I may opt for a different plate xfmr config...I'm looking
at a going to a single xfmr w/ 220/0-3000-3500-4000-4500 @ 1.5A CCS...
thinking a single 220V primary may be less bother than having <two>
plate xfmrs w/110V primaries only, but we'll see.
Thanks and 73, Gerald  W5BA

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