[AMPS] Mounting vaccuum variable caps

Rich Measures measures@vc.net
Wed, 22 Oct 97 03:19:25 -0800

>I've building an amp which will use a pair UCSL750 caps in the tank
>circuit.  I don't have any mounting hardware for these babies; what can
>be homebrewed at a resonable cost?  Does the hardware need to be copper,
>and/or silver plated?
>thanks - Kevin N6ER

Jennings makes a silver plated clamp-on flange for mounting.  Jennings' 
recommended mounting position is vertical -- which puts less lateral 
stress on the soft copper concentric plates.  To do this, one needs a 
right angle drive to bring the drive shaft out the front.   Multronics 
makes a right-angle drive that is Ideal for this application.  The 
Multronics right-angle drive is designed to replace the collet on the 
Jennings screw-drive shaft.  Be sure to set the cap. for maximum C (full 
CCW) before replacing the collet with the right-angle drive.  

R. L. Measures, 805-386-3734, AG6K   

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