[AMPS] Early 3CX800A7 Specs

km1h @ juno.com km1h@juno.com
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 10:33:20 EDT

On Tue, 21 Oct 97 10:38:54 -0800 Rich Measures <measures@vc.net> writes:
>>Does anyone have the first release Eimac sheet?  The one that shows 
>>HV above 2250V max and 600 ma Ip. 
>>I have the 8/89 specs which references 4/87 but I believe there is an
>>earlier version which was quickly pulled back due to FCC 
>>I wonder just how much this tube was really "designed for" ?
>>Tnx  Carl  KM1H
>Rumour has it that it will do 800mA in SSB service.  However, I would 
>reluctant to go with a brick on the key test at more than 600mA.  
>also has it that the rated warmup is a bit on the low side.  An extra 
>half minute might be worth the wait.  

Rich, the sheet FAXed to me (dated March 1983) lists the 3CX800A7 at
2500VDC, 800ma and 1370W out in "typical SSB" service. 
Dunno about the FCC thing; that was something mentioned on this list
several months ago. 

73    Carl    KM1H

>In regards to FCC intervention:  IMO, this is unsliced bologna.  Tube 
>specs are not part of FCC type acceptance.  
>-  The FCC currently could not care less what hams run Provided that 
>do Not Cause Interference.  The last ham to get in trouble for running 
>more than 1500w was causing interference to one of his neighbor's 
>systems.  The neighbor happened to be an FCC field inspector -- the 
>one who wrote the citation, no less.  . The moral to the story is:  It 
>might not be a really great idea to run 22kW every night on 75m ssb in 
>housing tract. 
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