[AMPS] MLA2500 Problems

Virtuiso@aol.com Virtuiso@aol.com
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 17:34:56 -0400 (EDT)

I am trying to fix a MLA2500 amp that was zapped on the CY9AA expedition.
Having little more than a DVM, I am at an impass.

We do have:
o  High voltage on the tubes
o  Filaments (tubes get warm)
o  Relays operating (time delay, T/R)
o  Some cathode voltage
o  Some grid current when excited

We DON'T have:
o  Idling plate current in transmit
o  Any plate current when excited
o  Any output in transmit

The amp went "zap" and quit working, after 3 days of intense use. 

I welcome any and all suggestions of what to check next and how and, is it
down to tubes?


Tom Taormina, K5RC/7

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