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morel morel@shani.net
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 09:24:12 +-200


I checked the QSL.net and I've found tremendous quantities of
useful info on almost all the ham-related fields. I strongly
recommend to all the hams to take a look into this marvelous

73 de Morel, 4X1AD

From: 	Brian K. Short[SMTP:shortckt@primenet.com]
Sent: 	eai oauai 26 aa?eaao 1997 17:44
To: 	dx@ve7tcp.ampr.org
Subject: 	[DX] Other Internet Stuff

>Is there a Kenwood list somewhere????????/
>73 Robert  W5AJ  w5robert@blkbox.com   

Yes, there is Kenwood, Icom, Alinco, and over 100
other mailing lists at QTH.Net.

If the one you want is not there, we can start it
tomorrow ;)

Please refer to: http://www.qth.net

Also, I have modifications and information for many,
many radios on my home page at: 

For those who like the older rigs:

There is a DX page that needs added material:

There is over 500Mb of shareware available:

And much more: http://www.qsl.net/k7on

And you can sign up for a free email account with
FTP and WWW space at: http://www.qsl.net

Or, start your own free club/organization mailing
list (reflector) by mailing me: k7on@qsl.net

73, Brian

Brian Short k7on@qsl.net http://www.qsl.net/k7on
 1994 E Laguna Dr Tempe, Az 85282 (602)839-3484 

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