[AMPS] Telephone RFI Radio Shack Phones

Rich Measures measures@vc.net
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 18:46:56 -0800

>brad roope wrote:
>> Also are the K-Comm
>> filters any good?
>I am using a king's ransom worth of KCOM filters here (we have a home office
>with a bunch of phones).  The answer is: they do work, on some phones.  But
>there are some stubborn ones for which they do not work.  

A double section filter has more RF attenuation than a single section 
filter.  The double-filters described on my  Web site  use roughly $1.34 
worth of electronic components each.  The major expense is the Mouser p/n 
43LS474 chokes - which cost 31-cents each if you buy a bag of 100.  These 
chokes have no resonances in the amateur radio bands.  4 chokes are 
required for each double-filter.  
-  later, Vic


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