[AMPS] 3-500Z - Where to buy them?

Rich Measures measures@vc.net
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 11:33:44 -0800

Bob - K8NY wrote - 
>Just received my used SB221 with one destroyed Eimac 3-550Z (damaged in 
>shipping). Looking for the best place to buy one (or two?)? Any help 
>would be appreciated. (Does not have to be Eimac)........
  RF Parts reportedly sells a Mu=130 3-500Z  which is a close match for 
an Eimac .   
-   Last week, I received a report that the company which bought the 
rights to Eimac's glass tubes, may be gearing up to produce the 3-500Z.  
However, a sample reportedly failed within a month due to the same  
anode-cooler-spotweld problem that Eimac had at its Salt Lake City plant: 
 . Namely, the anode-cooler broke loose and shorted against the 
(grounded) grid because the spotwelds tended to break..  .  .  .   As I 
learned in Sheetmetal 101, strong spotwelds are not pretty.    To get a 
stong spotweld, it takes enough kA of current to Thoroughly melt the 
metal,  which necessarily means that strong spotwelds need to be 
moderatedly ugly.      


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