[AMPS] Blower on a GS35b Amplifier..??

John Peters pe1ogf@iaehv.nl
Fri, 01 May 1998 14:54:44 +0000

Hello all,

I'm just new on this reflector, perhaps one of you can help me with the
following question :

While reading some old DUBUS magazines I've seen several GS31 and GS35
PA's some were cooled with a big size computer blower (Axial blower) is
this realy sufficient ???? it realy must be possible but how long will
it last.. For Example if there is realy 1500W of heat on the anode will
the tube survive a contest with such a blower ?? anyone any experiance..
If I complare with my GS31b PA where there is "only" 1000W of heat
produced there is a huge Radial blower.. Even 1m above the air outlet I
can ballance a pice of paper on my hand.. Is this blower overkill ??

PSE any info will be more than welcome.. Need it for the 144MHz EME/MS
amplifier for the HBo Expedition.

73! de John pe1ogf@iaehv.nl

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