[AMPS] S/A for RF measurements

John Lyles jtml@lanl.gov
Fri, 1 May 1998 10:13:12 -0600

I'm partial to Tektronix spectrum analyzers (sorry Hp folks) just because
have used them for so long. But my coworkers use Hp, so we have mostly
those at work. In my shack, however, I now have a 7L14 ditigital storage
S/A plug in, that works in a 7603 scope mainframe. I used to have a 7L12,
but that was crap, sold it. It was Teks first UHF plug in that was
semi-convenient. The 7L14 is much superior, has the resolution BW and the
stability like Hp 141, but lighter and smaller. (depending on the scope). I
picked it up surplus, of course. Maybe it's just the tiny buttons and
lights that make the Tek light up and look prettier than the big ol' 141
mainframe S/A. I have seen the 141 mainframe blow smoke when you don't plug
in the S/A tightly.

We had an Hp 8558 plug in, the economy Hp that competed with the 7L12. It
was equally as bad, could hardly handle 1 KHZ resolution BW. It drifted as

Those TV tuner spectrum analyzers were the rage for awhile. Now they pack
'em into PC bus cards to plug into your PC, and supply software window to
display the spectrum.

Thanks for explaining the single tone versus multitone IMD problem of SSB
amplifiers, KE9NA.

I, too, am curious what high speed amp pulsers do for bandwidth. I need to
hook up the 7L14 to my SB220 output sample and try it (in a dummy load).


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