[AMPS] Another arc question

Rich Measures measures@vc.net
Fri, 8 May 98 17:16:29 -0800

>Rich Measures wrote:
>>If my series-parallel transformation method is wrong, Mr. White, then:  

>>1.   I managed to fool the entire technical review board at *QST* 
>>Magazine.  {March, 1989 issue of *QST*} 
>Not having the whole article to hand, I can't comment on that.
>>2.  the Hewlett-Packard Model 4191A RF Impedance Analyzer that Wes used 
>>is wrong.
>No, just your interpretation,

What interpretation?: Either my Rp calculations agree with the HP 
analyer's or they don't. 
> which is not the same as Wes's or almost everybody else's.

No one on AMPS has stated that they performed Y and Rp calculations for a 
Ls/Rs vhf suppressor.  

>>3.   the Third Edition of Herbert W. Jackson's *Introduction to Electric 
>>Circuits* is wrong.  {pp. 376-7, "sect. 13-8, "Impedance and Admittance"}
>Once again I think the answer is, no, just your interpretation.
What am I interpreting if if I work 'em the way Mr. Jackson works 'em.  

Sample problem:   Part I:   Ls = 200nH, Rs = 200 ohms, f = 100MHz.  What 
is the Admittance, Y, Mr.  White?  A running description of your solution 
would be helpful.  
-  thanks


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