[AMPS] Re: PA Measurments

Larry Molitor w7iuv@axtek.com
Fri, 15 May 1998 03:52:07 +0100

At 22:19 5/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>My copy of the
>>MA-COM/OMNI-Spectra catalog does not list a single APC-7 to SO-239/PL-259
>>adapter or even a SMA to SO-239/PL-259 adaptor.
>I've never seen that either.  Most of the network analyzers I have used 
>do have APC-7's on them.  However, generally these have either APC-7 to N 
>adapters on them or cables attached.  The other end of the cable is 
>generally an N or SMA.  A good lab will have both.
>It is VERY simple to obtain an N to PL-259 or N to SO-239 adapter.  This 
>is not a problem at all.  I have several myself.
>Then it is not really a big deal to make up a set of cal standards for an 
>open, load and short.
>Then you are all set.

Good work Jon. You passed the test. 
My personal preference is to use SMA's as the standard base connector for
all the inter-series adapters. Most of the stuff I do these days, (on the
job, certainly not for fun)I have to do under a microscope, and it's easier
to start with the little buggers. I even have (I hope I have enuf
credibility left for you to believe this) in my box of doo-dads a pair of
SMA to phono plug adapters. I did not bother making up a phono-plug cal kit
as that one was truly a radio-shack clip lead job!

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