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Jon Ogden jono@webspun.com
Wed, 20 May 98 11:16:04 -0500

>>So Rich, are you saying that textbooks are incorrect?  
>I don't see any such manoeuvre in my text books.  Transforming 100 j+0 
>ohms to 100k j+0 ohms by a single reactance is seemingly a bit of a 

Do you grasp the concept of series to parallel conversions?

If transforming 100 Ohms to 100K Ohms is a stretch, then how do you 
explain how a pi-net transforms a 3.5 KOhm output impedance of a tube 
into 50 Ohms?  And besides Ian never transformed 100 Ohms into 100K.  It 
was 100 Ohms into 1.0 K.  Big difference.  Still the theory holds.  Work 
through the math, Rich.

If you are right, RF network theory just got tossed out the window and a 
good number of the circuits out there will stop working. :-)



Jon Ogden


"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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