[AMPS] Airflow

Steve Thompson amps@txrx.demon.co.uk
Mon, 25 May 1998 08:15:30 +0100

In message <0ETE005URMB2ZB@PM02SM.PMM.MCI.NET>, Tom Rauch <10eesfams2mi@
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>> Date:          Sat, 23 May 1998 07:17:38 +0100
>> From:          Steve Thompson <amps@txrx.demon.co.uk>
>> Subject:       [AMPS] Airflow
>> To:            amps@contesting.com
>> Is it permissible to blow air through 3CX800 in the reverse direction to
>> 'normal', i.e. in at the top and out at the bottom of the anode?
>It is possible, and somtimes done.
>> There's obviously an effect on seal temperatures, but if these are kept
>> within acceptable limits, are there any other potential problems?
>No problems. You just need a lot more airflow than conventional 
>cooling. Eimac gives both specs in the data sheet.

Thanks, Tom. I'll check it out; I have a data sheet but I can't get near
the cabinet at the moment.

>From G3SEK:

>A related question about 3CX800s: how come it's OK to use a wafer
>socket that prevents air from contacting the base seals, while
>4CX250/350/400s have this fancy "open-plan" airflow socket?

I'm sure that somewhere in the 8873/4/5 or 3CX800 data sheets there's a
specific comment about the design minimising heat transfer into the
base/pins so that cooling requirements are minimal.

I'm looking at trying a minimal effort transplant on a MLA2500 - reverse
the existing axial blower direction so it pulls air outwards and put a
radial blower downwards through the lid into a chimney on the '800
anode. Anything to save on metalwork!


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