[AMPS] Re: SB-1000 WARC usage

Martin Ellis jmellis@ihug.co.nz
Fri, 29 May 1998 08:39:15 +1200

Vic wrote:
> I have the following problem with my SB-1000: Although the
> plate circuit tunes 18 mhz in the 21 mhz position and 24 mhz
> in the 28 mhz position, it's not possible to adjust
> the input tuned circuit so that the input swr on both 18 and 21
> or 24 and 28 mhz will be acceptable to my exciter.

Hello Vic,
Not sure of the serial # of your SB1000.  I purchased a kit
in 1989 from Portland Radio, and soon after assembly, I was 
advised that Heathkit had released a new plate circuit RFC.
I was sent this FOC and the amp has operated safely on 17M
(no ant on 12M).  The new RFC has a narrow diameter section
at the plate end.  So if yours has a single diameter,
you may wish to try a replacement from Ameritron.

I simply moved the 15M input slug to be a compromise
between 21MHz and 18MHZ.  
Hope this may help.

Martin ZL1ANJ

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