[AMPS] More amplifier experiments

Jon Ogden jono@webspun.com
Fri, 29 May 98 09:43:50 -0500

>>About 60 nanohenries at a test frequency of 100 MHz. 
>That does seem a bit high but what effect would it have in a suppressor ?
> I have never been clear on that point since it appears that a minute
>amount of inductance is compensated for by the L that is selected.
>What test equipment was used?  HP model #  ?  I can probably get some
>network analyzer time over the weekend.

I would say if 60 nH is accurate, that could have quite an effect on the 
overall supressor design.  The reason is that the supressor coil itself 
is in the 60 to 100 nH range.  So in effect you have 2 inductors paralled 
which (for 2 60 nH Ls in parallel with no resistance in either L) would 
give a total inductance of only 30 nH.  Yes, there's resistance in the 
second one (which makes the combination I just did invalid) so you can't 
do a true parallel combination without doing some parallel/series 
conversions, but having an indcutance in the resistor as large as the 
supressor inductor would IMHO, make a big difference.



Jon Ogden


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