[AMPS] Re: Old Henry 2k

Jim Heath jimheath@foothill.net
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 17:25:58 -0700


I purchased for not much money, a Henry 2k that was probably made about
1964.  It still has 3B28 rectifiers and 3-400z's.  I spent a day cleaning
the RF deck which was more than dirty.

One of the primary fuses was blown when I picked it up.  After cleaning and
looking it over, I applied HV with no big problem.  The rectifiers glowed as
I remembered from years gone by.

On removing it from standby, the tubes idled within specs.  The problem
occurred with drive.  After about 400ma (just a guess) the first time, the
fuses popped.  They blew big time (glass cracked).  As the glitch occurred,
I could hear the transformer rumbled from the demand for a lot of current.
As a test, I replaced the tubes and ran into the same problem.  This time
putting it into the transmit mode with no drive, I could hear the
transformer rumble again intermittently.  Driving it with 10 watts, the
fuses blew.

It appears to me that the plate transformer had been replaced.  I was told
when I bought it that it was a Dahl transformer.  Any ideas are welcome.

73, Jim KB6SX

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