[AMPS] AL-811 or More!

Rich Measures measures@vc.net
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 03:18:19 -0800

>Will have to watch my operating hours,  as experience has shown
>my neighbors have telephone RFI when I operate during early evening,
>and some afternoon hours.  But that leaves a lot of other hours
>for me!!  Already have had to by the lady next door a so called
>"Bullet Proof" phone;  she calls/receives calls all day,  it seems!
>But am not going to do that for the entire neighborhood,  well
>the other six or so homes around here.

By causing interference to your neighbors you discredit amateur radio, 
Jim Reid.  On my Web site there is information on building a RF filter 
for telephones that is optimized for the ham bands.  The cost is under 
one dollar each.  The parts can be purchased from Mouser.  The RF filter 
can be wired into one end of a standard RJ11 cord set.  //  I test the 
neighborhood phones by calling each neighbor.  I find out if the neighbor 
can tell when I am sending bursts of 50wpm cw dits during the 
I wouldn't want to read something like this in the newspapers:  '''Ham 
Operator on Kauai Causes Infant Death By Interfering with 911 Call'''.  
-  cheers

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