[AMPS] Gassy tube??

Jon Ogden jono@enteract.com
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 22:57:59 -0600

>When I fired the amp up all was OK.  I shorted the keying line to check the
>idling current and that's when I saw the glow.  It appears to be drawing
>about 25 mils of grid current and the idling plate current seems a bit low
>at about 75 mils.  This is all with 4500 volts on the plate.


The question is, "Do you see the blue glow inside the glass envelope on 
keydown?"  If so, all you are see is the effects of stray electrons 
bombarding the glass envelope.  A gassy tube will show a blue glow inside 
the anode.  Or if you see the blue w/o the amp being keyed - that's bad 

I saw this on a couple of my 4-1000s and thought they were gassy until 
people corrected me.  Enjoy it.  It's pretty!



Jon Ogden

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